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A good DJ can make or break the success of your event. A good DJ possesses the following qualities:

Emcee ability
Coordination services
Music knowledge
Music programming
Mixing skills
Level of professionalism

We possess all of the above qualities and more to make your event successful! Sound Effects DJ Service has been serving the Dodge County and surrounding areas for OVER 20 years and has the experience, equipment and music selection to make your wedding successful!

While we have been doing all types of events over the years, Sound Effects specializes in weddings. Many consider us to be the best wedding DJ Service around. We have done weddings all over Wisconsin and in Chicago to prove it.

Because customer service is a high priority for Sound Effects DJ Service, we will guarantee the best possible service and accommodations to make your special event memorable.

We have upgraded our light show! We now use all LED lighting, it is awesome!

Contact Chad to learn more about us!

Phone: 920-296-2918


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